I have known Mr. Chad Call since 2001 when he was a construction superintendent for a general contractor, Bid-D Corporation. Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company contracted with Big-D in 2001 for a multi-million dollar convenience store remodeling construciton project in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Call was instrumental in making this important project a success for Tesoro and also for this employer.When Mr. Call established his own business, OnSite Development, Inc., I did not hesitate to hire him directly for a number of interior convenience store and gasoline fueling facility remodeling projects at Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company in the states of Utah and Nebraska. I found his prices for the work accomplished, to be very reasonable and competitive. Moreover, Mr. Call was a reliable, hard worker; he was always ready to help when called upon.

I highly recommend Mr. Call’s servies to anyone contemplating construction projects, large or small; and particularly those projects which require the construction of custom build or detailed architectural features. I have always found Mr. Call to take pride in this workmanship to ensure that his customers are happy with the end result.

Jay Kruger, P.E.
Facilities Engineer, Tesoro Petroleum